/CLIENT_one.0 /submission
/FORMAT_dvd broadcast
/BRIEF_to try and replicate the internal workings behind an occult ritual by means of creating a hynogogic/typographic motion graphic sequence themed around the occult techniques, and creative outputs of artists and pioneers like austin osman spare, psychicTV, kenneth anger, john c lilly, coil, alastair crowley, robert anton wilson in a modern day A/V recreation ov thee majikal rituals of organisations like the golden dawn and the A.'.A.'. A.

this work was created from of a series of 72, one minute A/V tarot like video sequences/animations created for the amoeba a/v live show [hypnogoia] each animation was designed and made in a palindromic manner so that when played live using midivideo, we can mix and cut the a/v video backwards and forwards over other looping sequences for an amost continual randomly synched occult experience.