amoeba broadcast reel of motion graphics, TV work
and music videos made between 2005-20012

Featuring work only commisioned as amoeba.
Work in motion for TV, film, screens and stages
for Sony US, Sony UK, MTV, Channel 4, ITV and Soma Records.
.motion graphics

Some new Audio and Visual animation experiments, and treatments for use in live performances, visual music productions
and installations.

Experiments made the studio 2012-2016.

.tour visuals

Album promo and 10 track reactive stage visuals for Prologue records and Edit Selects'
album - Phlox.

Each track has a different visual designe structure and look, all reacting to various live feeds and triggers.


kanzeon live
.audio visual performance

The directors of the documentary Kanzeon,
asked amoeba to create a live audio visual
version of the film, using amoeba remixed
and treated film and audio edits, rushes
and outakes.
To be performed live on 1 to 3 screens at screenings and premiers of the documentary.

Filmed at:
Live Cinema Foundation Launch, London.

_amoeba.av konstruct_rutt
.audio visual track

Created for the amoeba.av DVD release
on Lightrhythm visuals.
A.P.L.E arrange.process.loop.edit

An audio reactive sequence for live

_amoeba.av kazantip reel
.audio visual performance

Since 2007 amoeba has been one of visual artists in residence at the Russian and Ukrainian electronic music festival Kazantip.

Performing nightly on multi stages and multi screen setups for the length of the 12 day festival.

.motion graphics

Some new live Audio and Visual experiments,
animation techniques and treatments.
Played and recorded live in the studio realtime.

Experiments made the studio 2012-2016.



trigger.set design
.art direction and live projections

amoeba was commisioned by director
Daisy Campbell to art direct and design the stage sets and perform live projections for the stage play CosmicTrigger based on the book
by the author Robert Anton Wilson.

The Visual projected sets included retreated work from the artist Bill Drummonds original models from the Ken Campbell directed 1977 Illuminatus Play and the author Alan Moore playing Satan and F.u.c.u.p. the computer.


trigger.viral campaign
.art direction and motion graphics

amoeba was commisioned by director
Daisy Campbell to art direct the succesfull kickstarter campaign for the stage play
Cosmic Trigger, based on the Cult book Cosmic Trigger by the authour Robert Anton Wilson.

Using real letters and photos from the late Ken Campbell and Robert Anton Wilson Archives,
we created a modern twist on the discordian legend of operation mindfuck media and art broadcasts of the 60's and designed a series of 5 viral videos,4 subliminal blipverts and1 long format discordian broadcast, promoting the modern discordian ideology of the play and its band of pranksers behind it.

Each one was released weekly before the kickstarter launch to gain interest,
then the final one was broadcast.

After a succesful campaign, amoeba then used elements from these videos for content for the stage projections of the actual play.